Sunday, June 08, 2014

The Night Before...

We have people coming around tomorrow to rip out our bathroom and 2 internal walls and a few other small bits and bobs. Fun times - not...well, actually, kinda fun because then we'll be able to live in the house how we want to.

You see, right now, the room we want to use as the lounge is currently separated by two walls that make up the hall way in between the current kitchen/dining room. We can't use it because there is no heating source in there. Also, the carpet is interesting, the walls need painting, the floor needs to be levelled a little bit and we really really want to open up the entire living area so that it's more spacious, we don't have wasted hall space that doesn't get used for anything and the current really old, really small bathroom is going to get a teeny tiny bit bigger, oh, and look wayyyyy nicer than it's current state.

Behold, how we are currently living in our little house...

This is the current living room, dining room and kitchen. I'm standing in the little kitchen to take this photo.  Most of the wall with the Red Lady on it (well, technically she's a yellow lady but we've always called her the Red Lady) is being taken out.

Like our flooring choice? This will be replaced with something nice, but until the major work has been done, it stays. And say hello to wee Monty!

That door on the right goes into the hall way. The door you can see (with the painting on it) does not open. It's left over from when what will be the lounge (we call it the green room, you'll see why soon) was 2 rooms.

That 'door' will be part of the extended bathroom. When I say 'extended' it's being extended the tiniest bit, up to where the 'door' ends. Right now it's wasted space, so it made sense to bring the shoe-box bathroom out a bit.

Cosy wood burner - this little guy gives out some amazing heat. In fact, it can get way too hot in here! And that is my wee kitchen up the back.

We have rather pretty ceilings throughout the house...

So, this wall will go, as well as the one (out of the photo) to the far right. You can see down the hall way to the other end of the house. The study/library/office is straight down, the door to our bedroom is on the right at the end of the hall and my sewing room is on the left (though you can't see it). We will be adding in a small sliding wall-cavity door to the end of the hall way so we can shut that end of the house off if we want too.

So, looking up at the bathroom from the hall way. The door on the right is the door we just came through from the dining room/kitchen.

The bathroom is being extended all the way up to the start of the dining room/living room door. The wall you can see just beyond that on the right makes up the shower wall. Yep, totally wasted space!

Non-functioning door on the left.

Gotta love the floor and general colour scheme of the bathroom!

So, that wall you can see in the centre is disappearing. We'll end up with a more 'square' bathroom. I think just getting rid of the wall will make a huge difference to how big the bathroom feels.

Also, is that a door stop in your shower? Ummm, yeah, doesn't everyone have one of those?

A lovely paint job and probably original 1940's wall storage.

And, while you can't see it, because the bath towel is blocking it, the shower head is super low. As in, I have to duck under it to wash my hair. Can you imagine how poor David feels?

Ah, the ol' faux yellow marble. Noice!

Can't wait for this toilet to go! And that pipe! Thankfully all piping will go under the floor, where it should be.

The wall on the left (with the smoke alarm and picture) is coming out. We are putting in sliding/wall cavity doors there so that we can close the room off if we want too.

The Green Room (can you see that carpet?) gets amazing morning sun. It also has french doors out onto the back of the property which is where all that lovely garden is. In summer, I can see us sitting in the sun, with the doors open, eating breakfast (that may quite possibly include eggs of some description) and watching the chooks.

You'll have to forgive the mess (we are currently using it as storage).

Why, hello there Mocha-Bee!

So this room used to be 2 smaller rooms. It was literally cut in half down the middle (essentially cutting the french doors in half), and you can see where the old door used to be below. Actually, I guess it still is a door...

Don't be jealous of the racing/dog (cheetah?) carpet. Not everyone can have carpet as awesome as this...

Back with more updates soon. You can bet I'll be snapping away :)

Jen (& David)


  1. OMG found you via Handmade Jane - what memories you are bringing back!! We bought an old villa in Wellington in 1960 and embarked on renovations.....but wow, cats and chickens and a large section, what an amazing undertaking. I shall be following with great interest - and another thing in common, before I started doing patchwork, as we called it in those days, I used to make our clothes! Good to meet you! Regards from June

    1. Hi June - thanks so much for your lovely comment! It is a rather huge undertaking, and there seem to be so many unforeseen things popping up, but that's what you get when you buy an old house :)


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